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List of The Daily Show episodes (2017)

No.Original air dateGuest(s)PromotionUS viewers
(millions)2878January 3Michael CheSaturday Night Live & Michael Che Matters0.787[2]Trevor recaps his vacation, House Republicans vote to gut a Congressional ethics group, Vladimir Putin reacts to President Obama'ssanctions on Russia, and Michael Che discusses Michael Che Matters.2879January 4Omar Saif GhobashLetters to a Young Muslim. ISBN .0.766[3]Trevor remarks on the new era of Twitter politics, House Republicans defend a vote to gut an ethics panel, Michelle Wolf examines a congressional swearing-in ceremony, and Omar Saif Ghobash discusses Letters to a Young Muslim.2880January 5Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan PeeleKey & Peele0.804[4] The Vatican is opening a McDonald's, the GOP prepares to repeal Obamacare, Jordan Klepper and Desi Lydic examine congressional gridlock in the distant future, and Keegan-Michael Key gives his final address as Obama's anger translator in a sketch with Jordan Peele.2881January 9Susan GoldbergNational Geographic0.792[5] Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo is caught plagiarising former U.S presidents, Trevor recaps the 2017 Golden Globes, Donald Trump lies about the intelligence report on Russian election hacking, and Susan Goldberg discusses National Geographic magazine.2882January 10Aasif MandviA Series of Unfortunate Events0.815[6]Trevor talks about a Taiwanese politician's funeral, Donald Trump prepares for a pre-inauguration news conference, Roy Wood Jr. examines Apple's gun emoji redesign (with Michael K. Williams cameo), and Aasif Mandvi discusses A Series of Unfortunate Events.2883January 11Jonathan ChaitAudacity: How Barack Obama Defied His Critics and Created a Legacy That Will Prevail. ISBN .0.839[7] "Russia's Goldshower"
The show opens with a spoof of James Bond's Goldfinger opening sequence. President Obama gives his farewell address; Trevor Noah covers reports of Russia having compromising video of president-elect Trump and golden showers; Donald Trump dismisses CNN as "fake news" at his first post-election press conference; and Jonathan Chait discusses Audacity.2884January 12Cecile RichardsPlanned Parenthood0.787[8]Trevor covers Taco Bell's new fried-chickentaco shell, Donald Trump holds a surreal press conference, the U.S. Ethics Office blasts Donald Trump's divestment plan, Ben Carson begins his confirmation hearing for HUD secretary, and Cecile Richards discusses the future of Planned Parenthood.2885January 16David Fahrenthold & Bryshere GrayThe Washington Post, CNN, Empire, The New Edition Story & Sprinter0.787[9]Steve Harvey meets President-Elect during his rough week, Donald Trump lashes out at John Lewis, Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold talks about covering the 2016 election and the future of reporting on Trump, and Bryshere Gray discusses The New Edition Story.2886January 17John ZimmerLyft0.905[10] Companies recall controversial products, Hasan Minhaj & Trevor Noah argue about Gandhi & Mandela, President Obama makes last-ditch efforts to protect his legacy, Lewis Black talks about the lack of star power at Donald Trump's inauguration, and John Zimmer discusses Lyft.2887January 18Samantha PowerN/A0.872[11]Donald Trump gets protested at a wax museum in Spain, Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos faces a harsh confirmation hearing, Michelle Wolf looks at Donald Trump's approval rating, and Samantha Power discusses her UN role.2888January 19Scott Conroy & James McAvoyVote First or Die: The New Hampshire Primary: America’s Discerning, Magnificent, and Absurd Road to the White House. ISBN . & Split0.945[12] Tensions over President-elect Trump's relationship with Russia rise ahead of his inauguration, Scott Conroy discusses Embeds, and James McAvoy chats about his movie Split.2889January 20Joy ReidWe Are the Change We Seek: The Speeches of Barack Obama. ISBN .0.852[13] "The Celebrity Appresident: Inauguration Day 2017"
The show opens with a spoof of The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump opening title sequence, complete with the backing song For the Love of Money. Donald Trump is sworn in as president, Roy Wood Jr. salutes Barack Obama, Desi Lydic tackles parenthood in a new America, and Joy Reid discusses We Are the Change We Seek.2890January 23Matt TaibbiInsane Clown President: Dispatches from the American Circus. ISBN .1.010[14] Millions gather worldwide for the Women's March, Jordan Klepper & Desi Lydic cover the Inauguration and protest crowds, Lydic examines the Trump administration's "alternative facts" in a segment of 'What the Alternative Fact?', and Matt Taibbi discusses his book Insane Clown President.2891January 24Big Sean'I Decided' Album0.912[15] Firefighters in Dubai get an upgrade, Trevor profiles Press SecretarySean Spicer, Spicer has trouble during his "first" press briefing, The Best F#@king News Team (Jordan Klepper, Hasan Minhaj, Desi Lydic, Roy Wood Jr., Ronny Chieng, Eliza Cossio, Michelle Wolf & Lewis Black) auditions to read President Trump's tweets, and Big Sean discusses his album I Decided.2892January 25Heather Ann Thompson & Bellamy YoungBlood in the Water: The Attica Uprising of 1971 and its Legacy. ISBN . & Scandal0.965[16]Bill O'Reilly becomes president for an hour, President Trump signs a series of controversial executive orders, Heather Anne Thompson discusses Blood in the Water, and Bellamy Young talks about Scandal.2893January 26Laurence FishburneMadiba0.956[17] The U.K Supreme court decides that Parliament is required to trigger A50, Donald Trump gives his first interview as president, Trevor examines the actual inaugural cake, and Laurence Fishburne talks about playing Nelson Mandela in Madiba.2894January 30Sybrina Fulton & Tracy MartinRest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin. ISBN .0.915[18]Hasan Minhaj examines a Muslim-targeted travel ban, Neal Brennan accuses President Trump of being too sensitive, and Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin discuss Rest in Power.2895January 31Anthony D. RomeroAmerican Civil Liberties Union0.951[19]Democrats have trouble with their mics, President Trump fires the acting attorney general Sally Yates, Hasan Minhaj puts the Muslim-targeted travel ban into historical perspective, and Anthony D. Romero discusses the ACLU.

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