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btc ruble coin

Bitcoin rate is unstable as usual: fluctuations of 10–20% within one day are normal for it. Bitcoin is a SHA-256 POW coin. The maximum number of Bitcoins is​. Buy Bitcoin instantly in Russia. Looking for a place to convert your Russian Ruble (RUB) into BTC? Look no further. Paxful, one of the leading peer-to-peer. CoinDesk Bitcoin News Russia's Crypto Community Fears Digital Ruble Plan Means 'Back to USSR' By signing up, you will receive emails about CoinDesk products and you agree to our terms & conditions and privacy. btc ruble coin

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Trade Bitcoin to Russian Ruble - BTC/RUB CFD

Bitcoin to Ruble: track BTC to RUB chart live and trade it with CFDs

The BTC to RUB crypto-fiat currency pair matches the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), with the second-oldest national fiat currency in the world – the Russian ruble (RUB). The pairing represents how many rubles — the quote currency — are needed to buy one bitcoin — the base currency.

A decade since its launch, BTC is the largest and most valuable cryptocurrency in the world in terms of market capitalisation and cost. However, it remains highly volatile, providing traders with strong potential for speculation. 

Many fiat currencies are used to acquire this digital coin, with much of the activity happening in Eastern European markets. The ultra-volatile nature of the BTC/RUB pair, coupled with the ever-fluctuating crypto industry makes it a strong alternative to traditional Forex markets.

With the increasing acceptance of digital money around the world and in Russia in particular, the trading interest in the BTC/RUB pair is very likely to grow significantly in the near-future. The Increased number of BTC to RUB transactions offers traders additional diversification for their portfolio and substantial opportunities for profit.

Today, Bitcoin keeps its strong position at the forefront of the industry, serving as the gold standard for emerging projects. With a remarkably strong start of 2020, investors share a bullish view on the Bitcoin price future.

Due to its decentralised nature, BTC transactions do not require middlemen, meaning no banks or other authorities are involved. As the cryptocurrency is not tied to any particular country or region, domestic and geopolitical factors can have less of an impact on the value of Bitcoin. Instead, you should keep an eye on its demand and adoption rates as well as regulatory and market sentiment.

According to Reuters, economic development in Russia 2020 is expected to gain. In an attempt to boost sluggish economic growth, Russian authorities plan to step up state spending on a range of projects, from healthcare to infrastructure.

Russia also has relatively low and stable inflation rate, a sustainable financial and banking sector and a free-floating exchange rate that makes the Russian ruble less dependent on oil prices than ever before. 

With Contracts for Difference you can profit from both negative and positive Bitcoin to Ruble price swings. You can either go short or long, depending on the BTC/RUB pair’s movement, and benefit from the price difference. 

Those interested in trading the BTC/RUB pair should keep a close watch, not only on crypto market news, but also on the latest economic reports and releases from the Bank of Russia, which may influence the value of ruble.

Follow the BTC to RUB rate live and trade this popular crypto-to-fiat currency pair at Capital.com enjoying market-leading spreads and high leverage. 

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