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bitcoin exchange gold coast

Gold Coast-founded trade exchange business Bartercard launches cryptocurrency Qoin. Alister Thomson, Gold Coast Bulletin. March 2, 2020. Gold Coast Investor, Bitcoins, Bitcoin Gold Coast property purchase, Real Estate But are we ready to accept bitcoin as payment for property at the Gold Coast? Gold Coast-founded trade exchange business Bartercard launches cryptocurrency QoinGold Coast Bulletin -. - Posted on Mar 2, 2020 · + Read More​.

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Buy BTC using Cash in person in Australia

❤️Buy bitcoin from a Trusted Localbitcoin trader for cash-in-hand⚡


I am not the "cheapest" but as with everything in life - you get what you pay for! I AM THE MOST TRUSTWORTHY and can guarantee you your confidentiality throughout. These other "big traders" on here would sell you out in a heartbeat! And they often do … By contrast - I offer a totally confidential service.

Trade with confidence and ease with one of the most trusted traders from Localbitcoins.

I Sell bitcoins in Brisbane/Gold Coast via face to face meetup (in a public place).

Amounts of $1000 and over.

Take out a trade with me now and let us chat further via the trade window and/or you can also contact me via wickr : auldtimer


To all potential buyers/sellers of bitcoin in the Brisbane/Gold Coast region - please be very wary of other traders on here (and elsewhere) who advertise trading in person in Brisbane/Gold Coast, but who actually reside in Sydney or Melbourne… it is very easy to spot them since they have simultaneous Trading-in-Person ads in more than one area of the country at any one time, eg in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or any combination of these…

You could be setting yourself up for a scam whereby the advertiser tries to convince u that u will either be meeting him/her directly or somebody in their employ - when in fact u will be meeting an unrelated third party (who in turn believes u are working for the advertiser)! The result is you could be scammed or become involved in an unpleasant altercation with the other (unsuspecting) party who now believes u to be involved in the scam! Best to steer well clear of these traders who pretend to magically travel between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane/Gold Coast in Star Trek "beam me up Scottie!" fashion …


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